Star Wars: The Force Awakens

when they announced that they gonna make a new star wars movie, a original story which dose not build on any expended universe material. Foolishly I assumed i gonna see a new star wars story. What they actually meant: We gonna do a low grade remake of the original, with some new elements, and mostly worst actors.

Even the beginning a important rebel gets chased down by the evil empire on a desert planet. Than the rebel hides the information vital for the rebellion in a droid and sets it on its path to found its way to the rebellion. Sounds familiar? No its not episode 4 cause its not Tatooine, its not the rebellion but the Resistance, its not a Princess but a pilot... you get the idea. Veeeery creative work. Most movie is like the Old trilogy placed in a blender and spiced with few new elements, and some mix ups. Like Solo basically plays the same role but also Obi Wan Kenobis role. What I mean his a smuggler whos get pulled in to the conflict kinda unwillingly, but on the same hand his the old mentor character who introduce the young heros to a bigger world. So basically you know exactly what will happen to him. While turning of generators on the death star... what am i speaking I meant setting up charges to disable generators on the Starkiller base. Which is obviously totally different.He runs into the villain and gets killed while the young heros watch. So long story short its bad remake of good movies, its boring and predictable.

Many scenes also suffered from phasing issues, there was just no time to let things sink in. Like when they blow up 5 planets, we don't even know witch 5 planets, there is no one there we should really care about out, the film also don't set up any reason why you should be invested in the lost, even the characters barely react to it, the film already rushing over it to 3 new boring thing.

The villains are terrible. Captain Phasam was pointless, she barely do anything, her height is not really used, and she goes down with zero fight, even some of the nameless storm troopers put up more fight. Redhead Tarkin trys to be so evil he almost poops his pants, he was mostly pointless, and one of the worst actors in the movie. than there's Darth Bitches-a-lot, we all heard the clips of Darth Vader with David Prowes voice, distract his height, add Anakins whining, and Boba Fett combat skills from RoTJ and you get the worst and weakest villain of all named Kylo Ren. Than there's Snoke who looks like the love child of Voldemort and Gollum, and the worst effect in the entire movie. His a cliché out of no where villain.

Think i would have liked Rey character if it was not played by Daisy whats her name. Shes like a less stoned version of Kristen Stewart. She has a vibe like "Im acting as hard as i can! Look at how much teeth I put out".

And there's the tiny thing that in ep6 the rebels won, Leia and Han love succeeded everything was happy. Well screw that, the Jedi which you did not even seen whipped out again, the republic collapsed 2 of your favorite heros run away from the first big hiccup like a little girl and the third one is barely in the movie. So much wasted potential.

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